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The Gate Drop Showdown is a three day weekend full of jam packed racing that will leave you going home satisfied from the race weekend. Five Plus activities for your rider to compete in three days at Albany MX. Youth riders and Adult riders welcomed. 28 classes to choose from with a 2 moto race format. Every Moto counts for points. Showdown Champions will be crowned. Come join us for the events listed below.

Track Address: Albany MX Park 33648 Berry Dr NE, Albany, OR 97322

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  • Gate Admission: $10 Per Person PER DAY (SAT & SUN) (6 and under free)

  • Senior (Ages 65+) Gate Admission: $5

  • Race Fee: $40 Per class

  • 50cc Air Cooled PW Class Fee: $20

  • Camping: $40 all weekend (Thursday-Saturday)  

  • Camping: $40 Friday-Saturday

  • Camping: $25 Saturday Night Only

  • Mini Mayhem Race: $30

  • Short track Race: $20

  • Flat Track Race & Stacyc Race: $10

  • Holeshot Challenge: FREE

  • Stacyc Halftime Race: FREE

Parent class added!!!

The Parent class will consist of Mom's and Dad's who want to show their kid they still have it on a dirt bike. This class will be open to any parent on any bike they would like to race. $30 for the Parent class. 2 moto format. It's parent against parent in this class. 

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Each moto will be rewarded points. The overall winner will be decided per day. Overall points from Saturdays racing will be combined with Sundays overall points to declare the champion of the showdown weekend.


Example: Rider A goes 1-1 Saturday = 50 Points, Races Sunday, 1-1 again = 50 points. Saturday + Sunday Results added up = 100 Points. Max Points win number 1 plate.

Bonus events such as Friday Night Mini Mayhem racing does not count for the Saturday and Sunday Regular Racing. All extra events are on their own.

Event Schedule

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Schedule of Events:

  • Friday: 

  • 8AM - 12PM : Private Practice for Gate Drop sponsored riders and invited guests.

  • 12PM - 3PM: Public Practice, 10 min practice sessions

  • 12PM - 3:30PM: Mini Mayhem sign ups open

  • 4PM - 6PM: Mini Mayhem Race. 2 MOTO FORMAT, 8-10 min motos

  •  4pm to 4:30PM Mini Mayhem Practice schedule,

  • 7PM-END: Holeshot challenge, elimination style

  • Saturday:

  • 6:30AM - 8:30AM: Sign ups open at tower.

  • 8AM - 9:30AM: Practice

  • 9:45AM: Racing begins

  • BETWEEN MOTO BREAK: Stacyc Race 10 Mins, Parent Kid Relay

  • 12PM - 3:30PM: Short track sign ups open & Flat Track Sign ups Open

  • 4PM - 4:30PM: Short Track Practice

  • 4:45PM: Short Track Racing

  • 6PM - Flat Track Racing

  • 7PM - 8PM: Dodge Ball

  • Sunday:

  • 6:30AM - 8:30AM: Sign ups open at tower.

  • 8AM - 9:30AM: Practice

  • 9:45AM: Racing begins



Questions regarding rules at the track, rider classes, track info can be answered by event staff in the tower, referee's at the track, or track promoter. 



Poor sportsmanship is prohibited. Any poor sportsmanship that is observed and documented will result in a disqualification. This goes for on and off the track. If you or your rider is in bad behavior and is treating others unkindly, you will be asked to leave. No Refunds. 


There is no track cutting allowed in practice or in racing. If you enter the race track from a non designated area, cut the track during the moto, positions will be docked. Failure to follow entire track multiple times will result in a disqualification. 



Beginner classes will be observed in practice. If a rider jumps all of the big jumps that faster skilled riders typically do, they will be moved up into the appropriate class during the weekend. Each rider will be spoke to prior to the motos so they know which race they have been moved into. Please be honest on skill level. Referee and Promoter will determine if a rider needs to be changed into a different class.



Please ride appropriately through the pit area when riding your motorcycle to each destination. Failure to ride 1st gear and safely in the parking lot and pit area will result in a warning, then a disqualification of your race. We take safety very seriously and do not want any injuries at the facility. 


We would like spectators to please stand in smart locations. Please stay behind the fence line at the track. If you wish to be in the infield, please use tunnels in the jumps to navigate the race track. DO NOT CROSS THE TRACK. Especially on landings of blind jumps. If you are caught by a staff member not being safe, you will be asked to watch from behind the fence line by the scoring tower. 


Staging is located behind the starting gates. It requires a rider to report to staging prior to their race. Riders must seek track officials in staging to verify gate pick. Once a rider’s gate pick is known to them, they will then proceed to select a gate after the rider in front of them has chosen their gate.Once on the gate, a rider MUST line up in the center of the gate and facing the gate head-on. No farming is allowed in front of the gates. Dirt that is on concrete in front of the gate must be swept forward or side-to-side. Riders may have start blocks. Mechanic must take starting blocks once the rider’s gate has dropped.


Riders must be up to date on all flags. Any race is always to a checked flag no matter how many flags come out prior. Some flags may or may not be displayed but a race is always to the checked flag. A rider CANNOT “unlap” themselves so once a checked flag has been displayed, the race is complete, and the rider must exit the track at the determined area identified at riders meeting.



A class is made up of two moto’s. The laps are predetermined by the referee and announced during riders meeting. The race order is posted at the scoring tower ore results board. The rider with the lowest combined score (olympic event scoring) determines the finishing order 1st through 40th. For any mathematical tie (ie: 2-1=3 to 1-2=3), the second moto serves as the tiebreaker. A rider’s total series points may reflect a different series result order however this does not change a single event score. 



Results will be posted within 30 mins of the end of each moto at the score tower. 



A rider may protest their or another riders finish position within 30 minutes of posted time of the results. Protesting must be done either with the event referee or scoring tower. Any protest not conducted within 30 minutes of post time will be handled at the discretion of the referee.”



A rider can locate the trophy room by asking at the scoring tower.

Questions regarding anything above? Contact Steven Kristoff at, social media

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