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Motocross Resumes

Motocross Resumes: $100

Motocross resumes are great for riders to highlight their accomplishments from the previous seasons and also showcase goals for the future. Many Sponsors ask for resumes and a list of achievements for sponsorships so what better way to showcase your rider or yourself with a Rider Resume. 

Gate Drop Productions offers resumes with high quality photographs and eye catching designs. To order your own resume, please contact Steven Kristoff and email with the following information needed for your resume.

KruegerRes copy CORRECT.jpg

Info Needed for an MX Resume

  • Hometown/Location

  • Birthdate

  • Small Bio about rider

  • Highlights of Previous Season

  • Goals for the following year

  • Prediction of following year goals/ objectives

  • Social Media info and/or email.

  • Sponsors (if any)

Motocross Photography and Cinematography

Motocross Action Photography: $20-$100

Looking for amazing shots of your rider or yourself and losing the stress of trying to capture every moment? Make sure to hire Gate Drop Productions on the race weekend and you'll get high quality easy to download photographs to look back on at the end of the weekend. Prices for Motocross photos vary on location due to travel so make sure to stay up to date by following Gate Drop Productions on facebook, Instagram, and email. 

Instagram Reels: $150-250

Instagram reels are the new cool thing to post on social media. What better way to show off your riding and racing skills with a one minute recap of you shredding a berm, beating the competition, and taking the checkered flag. Gate Drop Instagram reels allow the customer to pick ANY SONG they are allowed to use on Instagram. Due to copyright and rules that apply on social media, Instagram Reels must stay on only Instagram. Instructions will be provided on every purchase on how to correctly upload and share on Instagram. 

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