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Where Will I be this Weekend?

The common question I receive a bunch is "where will I be this weekend?" Say no more, here is my 2023 Track Schedule. Disclaimer, All race events are subject to change if a cancellation or something sudden occurs. Make sure to  stay up to date by following my social media accounts. Click icons below for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. 

11/4/2023 Woodland MX Practice
11/5/2023 Woodland MX Park
11/10/2023 Tillamook AX
11/11/2023 Tillamook AX
11/12/2023 Woodland MX Park
11/17/2023 Tillamook AX
11/18/2023 Tillamook AX

11/25/2023 Woodland MX Park
11/26/2023 Woodland MX Park
12/8/2023 Tillamook AX
12/9/2023 Tillamook AX
12/10/2023 Woodland MX Park
12/15/2023 Tillamook AX
/16/2023 Tillamook AX

1/12/2024 Tillamook AX
1/13/2024 Tillamook AX
1/14/2024 Woodland MX Park
1/19/2024 Tillamook AX
/20/2024 Tillamook AX
1/27/2024 Woodland MX Park
1/28/2024 Woodland MX Park

2/9/2024 Tillamook AX
2/10/2024 Tillamook AX
2/11/2024 Woodland MX Park
2/16/2024 Tillamook AX
2/17/2024 Tillamook AX
2/24/2024 Woodland MX Park
2/25/2024 Woodland MX Park

3/9/2024 Woodland MX Practice
3/10/2024 Woodland MX Park
3/24/2024 Eugene MX Park
3/30/2024 Woodland MX Park
3/31/2024 Woodland MX Park

Spring/ Summer

Wednesdays - Albany MX

Thursdays - Thursday Night MX

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